Giving smiles is a big part of our mission

Concordia Red Elephant Chocolates makes artisan hand-made chocolates, specializing in truffles, solid milk and dark chocolate bars, and custom chocolates for special occasions. It begins with premium chocolate that not only deliver sweetness, but the antioxidant benefits of cocoa as well—not to mention the goodness of gathering around an ancient food of delight. Studies have shown chocolate’s ability to trigger a happiness response. Science simply confirms what the ancients already knew to be “the food of the gods.


CREC gives the opportunity to students by involving them in some way where they can learn the concept of business while studying. It is funded by business faculty members from Concordia University with primary funding from CU Ventures, which includes an Angel Investor group, with a 20% ownership and associated profits ultimately going to scholarships and grants. So, your Chocolate purchase is made by and supports students and faculty!

Our mission is to enhance the experience of enjoying chocolate in its many forms. We like to share stories and facts about chocolate, elephants, and our neighborhoods as “food for thought” alongside our delicious treats. This is our way of creating ..."a chocolate experience you'll never forget."



The Red Elephant first started with a color. Red is the color of two of the most chocolate holidays— Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Now we had to ask, red what? We wanted a symbol that encompassed the warmth and togetherness of holiday time, and more than that, the chocolate experience we wanted to convey of history and mystery. Enter the elephant. With its sociability, intelligence, legendary past, and (dare we say) “cuteness,” the elephant won our hearts.