About Us


Giving smiles is a big part of our mission.

It begins with premium chocolate that not only deliver sweetness, but the antioxidant benefits of cocoa as well—not to mention the goodness of gathering around an ancient food of delight. Studies have shown chocolate’s ability to trigger a happiness response. Science simply confirms what the ancients already knew to be “the food of the gods. Our cafés are meant to enhance the experience of enjoying our special chocolates in their many forms, from premium handcrafted chocolates, to distinctive desserts and ice creams, and unique beverages and gifts. We are located in historical areas that have their own stories to tell of standing the test of time, much like chocolate itself. We like to share these stories and facts about chocolate, elephants, and our neighborhoods as “food for thought” alongside our delicious treats. This is our way of creating..."a chocolate experience you'll never forget."