Big Cheese and Brown Cow

Big Cheese and Brown Cow Peanut Butter Ball Collections 
Nothing says “Wisconsin” more! Two of Red Elephant Chocolate’s most beloved chocolates are offered online in a variety of boxes of chocolates. A truly unique dessert and/or gift from America’s Dairyland. 
• Big Cheese Truffles - the original cheese truffle - combines Wisconsin’s most valuable culinary treasure, cheese, with handmade premium chocolate. Yes, cheese! A surprising combination, but the distinctive flavors of our aged cheddar and sea salt caramel ganache(filling) pairs perfectly with our premium white and dark chocolates. 
• Brown Cow Peanut Butter Balls - Each piece is shelled with premium milk chocolate, hand decorated with white chocolate cow spots and individually hand filled with our secret-recipe peanut butter filling. 
• Signature Solid – Our signature elephant figure made from premium 64% cacao dark chocolate.