CHAK'ATL - Cinnamon Pearl - Cocoa Bean K-CUP 1 Box Serves 12 K-CUPS

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Cocoa Bean Grind is derived solely from 100% pure dried and roasted cocoa beans; there are no additive agents, sugars, flavorings, or fats. This one has ground cinnamon stick added to our Ivory Coast Pearl Ground Bean. 

This box contains 12 K-Cups.

Use 1 K-Cup for an 8oz cup. Combine this with equal parts Sweet Pearl to make a perfect Sweet Cinnamon hot drink. 

Cocoa Bean Brew facts:

  • 100% premium cacao.
  • Loaded with antioxidants that strengthen the immune system and help us fight diseases such as cancer and heart disease, and flavonoids that boost mood, improve memory & focus, and reduce stress.
  • Cocoa is heart and brain healthy – Recent research demonstrates beneficial effects of cocoa on blood pressure, insulin resistance, and vascular & platelet
  • function. This is important in reducing your risk of cardiovascular problems such as stroke or heart attack and memory loss.
  • Cocoa is energizing! It contains theobromine, a natural, non-addicting, energizing stimulant. Cocoa gives you an energy boost with no caffeine.
  • Cocoa Bean Tea has zero calories because the bean grind is removed – it contains no sugar, no chemicals, and no dairy. It also reduces hunger and according to some doctors, boosts metabolism and helps to burn fat faster.